Plant Hunting in the Amazon

Written by Joe Modzelewski, SEB Undergraduate Ambassador I had the privilege this past June to work with Fauna Forever in Peru, primarily concentrating in the field of ethnobotany and medicinal plants. Fauna Forever was founded , and is currently headed, by Dr. Chris Kirby. For the past twenty years, Fauna Forever, based out of the... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Botany

Adventures in Botany By Cory Whitney Adansonia digitata L., the baobab, is a fascinating tree with a wide distribution around sub-Saharan Africa. The botanical record shows that the baobab is absent in Uganda despite the fact that it is found in nearly all of her bordering nations. Why? As botanists, it has been our aim... Continue Reading →

Guarana, a Brazilian plant of global importance

Have you ever heard of guarana? My current reasearch focuses on this caffeine-rich, energizing plant originary from the central Brazilian Amazon region. Guarana was first domesticated by the Sateré-Mawé people and is now produced by family and corporate farmers in different parts from Brazil and traded worldwide. You’ve probably seen the name guarana already: on... Continue Reading →

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