Catalyzing Advocacy in Ethnobotany

Written by Grady Zuiderveen From March 18 to March 21 nearly 200 upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in science and engineering from across the country descended on Washington DC for a three-and-a-half-day workshop on catalyzing advocacy in science and engineering (CASE) sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The workshop provided... Continue Reading →

Indigenous Biocultural Exchange Fund

Great opportunity to sponsor you or our SEB affiliates! The Indigenous Biocultural Exchange (IBEX) Fund provides financial assistance to an individual to attend global biocultural events/exchanges or meetings of international significance which impacts the applicant’s home territory or region. This fund supports indigenous peoples and local communities to have a voice in the policies and... Continue Reading →

Researching Ayahuasca in the Amazon

Written by Michael Coe, SEB Student Ambassador at Large. Over the last few months I have been working with several volunteers from Alianza Arkana as well as Laura Dev, the Research Coordinator for Alianza Arkana, to help assess the overall importance and sustainability of medicinal plants among certain Shipibo communities. Before beginning the research, I... Continue Reading →

Ethnobiology in the Eastern Himalayas

SEB Student Committee members Alexander R. O’Neill and Santosh K. Rana recently published a review of ethnobiological knowledge in the Eastern Himalayas. Focusing on the northeast Indian state of Sikkim, a former Buddhist kingdom, they found that over 1,100 species of animals, plants, and fungi have written ethnobiological records in the region. The majority of... Continue Reading →

Developing the Ethnobotany Society at Brown

Written by Aja Grande, SEB Undergraduate Ambassador Every expedition stems from a question, a wonder about the lush and uncharted. Just two months into winter after the election of Trump, the task to unite the biological with the social sciences seemed necessary, yet somewhat of an enigma. Who would dare to start an anomalous group... Continue Reading →

Plant Hunting in the Amazon

Written by Joe Modzelewski, SEB Undergraduate Ambassador I had the privilege this past June to work with Fauna Forever in Peru, primarily concentrating in the field of ethnobotany and medicinal plants. Fauna Forever was founded , and is currently headed, by Dr. Chris Kirby. For the past twenty years, Fauna Forever, based out of the... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Botany

Adventures in Botany By Cory Whitney Adansonia digitata L., the baobab, is a fascinating tree with a wide distribution around sub-Saharan Africa. The botanical record shows that the baobab is absent in Uganda despite the fact that it is found in nearly all of her bordering nations. Why? As botanists, it has been our aim... Continue Reading →

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