SEB Student Awards

SEB student membership is open to both undergraduate and graduate students from as little as $10. For information about membership, please see the SEB membership page available here. Our aim is to build a professional network for students through facilitating exchange on ethnobotany-related education and research, and by providing information for prospective students interested in these fields. Membership also gives access to a range of awards and conference bursaries and grants.

SEB Student travel awards here.

SEB Student Annual Meeting Student Awards:

1.  Julia F. Morton Award (Best Poster Presentation)

2. Edmund H. Fulling Award (Best Oral Presentation)

Annual Student Research Award:

Richard E. Schultes Award: Awarded to graduate student members of SEB, or members who have received their degree within the past year to help defray costs of fieldwork. Application is required and awards will be presented by June 30th each year.

Here is a downloadable list of other sources of funding.

Other SEB awards here.

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