Richard Evans Schultes Research Award 2015

Richard Evans Schultes Research Award

DEADLINE, March 15th, 2015.

The Schultes Award was created in 2001 to honor th

e late Dr. Richard Evans Schultes. The award is to be presented annually to a graduate student who is a members of the Society, orschultes a member who has received their degree within a year.

Richard E. Schultes (12 January 1915-10 April 2001): A Tribute by Sir Ghillean T. Prance (includes Schultes bibliography)

Richard E. Schultes – Academy of Achievement Biography

The Society for Economic Botany announces the offering of an annual student research award(s) of up to $2500. The award is intended to help defray the costs of field work on a topic related to economic botany. Competition is limited to graduate students who are members of the Society, or

members who have received their degree within a year. Applicants will be judged by an ad-hoc committee of Society members and awards will be granted by June 30 each year. Recipients are expected to submit a manuscript based upon their proposed research for publication in Economic Botany.

Proposals should include:
1) An email message from your major advisor confirming current MS, PhD or Post-doc status. They may provide a supporting letter of recommendation as well. email to:

2) Each applicant must submit a single .pdf file whi

ch includes;

  1. a) 2 pages describing the proposed research including literature cited,
    b) 1 page tabular budget which identifies how funds will be allocated,
    c) 1 page resume

3) Name your file correctly using first initial_lastname (Ex: j_smith.doc)

4) Email proposal to You should receive an email confirmation of receipt of your materials within 72 hours. If you do not, please contact

Schultes Award Reporting Protocol

Within nine months of receiving the award, the recipient will submit one to two page double-spaced narrative of their respective project that includes:

  1. a) Title of project, year of grant, your name, affiliated organizations
    b) Contacts made (people & organizations) that were helpful
    c) Geographic and place names of research locations
    d) Description of vegetation and terrain
    e) Where the collections are / will be deposited
    f) Broader impacts / significance of research
    g) One or two photos

Hugo De Boer, 2012 recipient, Uppsala University, “Steam sauna, hot beds and mother roasting: Medicinal plants and postpartum recovery among the Brou, Sake and Kry (Laos).”

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