SEB Conference 2017

One of the most exciting things about SEB 2017 (Bragança, Portugal) was the opportunity to network with other ethnobotanists. Whether new to the field or veterans, from Europe or distant islands, everyone at the meeting had valuable experiences and perspectives to share. Many students expressed interest in developing a toolkit of ethical guidelines and ideas for returning knowledge to the communities we work with. Although journal articles publish the results of previous ethnobotanical work, they rarely share information about the process of community engagement. The students of SEB would like to collect stories of how previous ethnobotanists have built ethical research relationships as models and inspiration for our own research. If you have stories of how you or other researchers have worked with communities (whether the outcomes were positive or not) and how they gave back to these communities, please share them with myself or the other members of the SEB Student Committee. Together, we can provide a foundation for the ethics of the next generation of ethnobotanists.


Graduate Student Representatives Bestabé Castro and Matthew Bond.

Written by Matthew Bond

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