Citizen Science + Ethnobotany // Baiba Pruse

Baiba Pruse (research fellow from Ca’Foscari University of Venice, Italy – part of the DiGe project team) shares the views on citizen science and ethnobotany in the following recording: 

The interview (16 minutes long) is part of a training commissioned to European Citizen Science Association, called “The nuts and bolts of citizen science”. Baiba reflects on the recent newsletter post of knowledge co-creation published together with Dr Cory Whitney in the latest issue of Society fo Economic Botany Newsletter. She also names the recent book on citizen science, called “The Science of Citizen Science” and shortly brings up key words as Science Shops including the reference to Mr Frank Becker, Dr Martine Legris as well as other contributors to the field of study e.g. the work of “Citizen science in the social sciences and humanities: the power of interdisciplinarity”.

Baiba also shortly introduces the study of common plants, called “We need to appreciate common synanthropic plants before they become rare: Case study in Latgale (Latvia)” which at the moment with a team is brought further for an artistic exhibition. Enjoy the short interview! + if of interest, the podcast ZINĀTNES ZĪMES (mix in Latvian and English): also discusses citizen science where Baiba with four english speaking contributors (Johan Barstad, Dr Martine Legris, Lotta Waesterberg Tomasson, Margaret Gold) shared their views, experiences and perspectives. 

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