Position: Society for Economic Botany (SEB) Social Media Manager

Time: 5% Appointment (8-10 hours per month)

Length of term: 1 December 2021 – 1 December 2022

The deadline for this application is 26 November 2021

Background information:

SEB’s mission is to foster and encourage scientific research, education, and related activities on the past, present, and future uses of plants, and the relationship between plants and people, and to make the results of such research available to the scientific community and the general public through meetings and publications. To those ends, the SEB Social Media Manager will contribute to the creation, promotion, and dissemination of appropriate public media and messaging aligned with the above mission.

Terms of reference:

The main responsibility of the SEB Social Media Manager will be to support the SEB in creating and disseminating social media posts related to ethnobotany and activities of the Society. The key purpose of this position is to engage a broader and more diverse audience and drive new membership. This is envisioned to be achieved by creating and re-posting interesting news, announcements, opportunities and other useful, relevant and engaging content. The person is expected to generate regular (at least weekly) content for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The person is also expected to create a more participatory messenger group through WhatsApp. A regular re-posting of existing key news and information is also requested. The person will not work entirely alone, as the specific internal things (such as awards announcements, upcoming SEB events, and others) can be posted by an assigned SEB officer. Oversight of this position will be by the Student Committee, with input and guidance from the SEB president. This this position will be provided with a $750/year stipend.

The specific duties and responsibilities will be:

  • Creating original content for all three social media accounts at least once per week (the content can be the same for the three platforms, but it may need to have needed adjustments). This may require using a graphic program to create posts with an appealing design.
  • Re-posting existing content relevant to SEB (as it becomes available, at least weekly).
  • Creating and managing a SEB WhatsApp group where the key posts can be shared and reach those who do not use the above-mentioned social media.
  • Liaise with the SEB and also SEB Student Committee, which manages SEB student social media, to seek synergies and mutual support.


  • Being communicative and able to create clear and concise messages
  • Ability to use a graphic program to design attractive media content
  • Having experience and interest in using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp
  • Willingness to work independently and having stable access to the internet

Hiring process:

Applicants will submit a cover letter (max 1 page) and CV to and The cover letter should include your experience on all social media platforms and any hashtags, content and links you would like to share to show your work. The letter should also include at least one innovative idea that can be implemented on one or more platforms during your time as a Social Media Manager (any innovation or creativity that will engage a larger audience), as well as how you plan to contribute to Society’s goals of furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Applications will be reviewed and selected by the SEB Student Committee and SEB officer.

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