Study abroad program in Dharamsala, India

Study abroad program in Dharamsala, India

By Aurélie Jacquet

Who has never dreamt of travelling to unknown places, discovering new cultures and sharing everyday life with local families?

Aurelie Jacquet photography

If this is your dream, well you are lucky. The Emory’s Tibetan Studies Program offers two semester-long Study Abroad programs, administered by Emory’s Center for International Program Abroad (CIPA) and the Institute for Buddhist Dialectics.
You’ll get to live with Tibetan families, volunteer with NGOs, participate in local events, study Buddhist philosophy and practice, Tibetan history and culture and design your own month-long research project etc. And on top of you will get a chance to meet his Holiness the Dalai Lama!

Undergraduate students from any accredited University can apply.

Application Deadlines:

See website for details

For more info, please visit:

The Dalai Lama at Emory, Student Experiences:


Photo credits: AurĂ©lie Jacquet, Emory’s Tibetan Studies Program.

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