Study abroad program in Dharamsala, India

Study abroad program in Dharamsala, India By AurĂ©lie Jacquet Who has never dreamt of travelling to unknown places, discovering new cultures and sharing everyday life with local families? If this is your dream, well you are lucky. The Emory's Tibetan Studies Program offers two semester-long Study Abroad programs, administered by Emory's Center for International Program... Continue Reading →

Guarana, a Brazilian plant of global importance

Have you ever heard of guarana? My current reasearch focuses on this caffeine-rich, energizing plant originary from the central Brazilian Amazon region. Guarana was first domesticated by the SaterĂ©-MawĂ© people and is now produced by family and corporate farmers in different parts from Brazil and traded worldwide. You’ve probably seen the name guarana already: on... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the blog of the student members of the Society for Economic Botany! This online resource is built for sharing information on ethnosciences, stimulate a student network but also promote economic botany on a global scale. This blog is an interactive resource and we look forward to receiving blog posts from our students ethnoscientists!!!... Continue Reading →

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